S.No. Books Name Written by
1. Guidelines for NGOs Management in India  Snehlata Chandra, 2003
2. Guidelines for Society Information  J.P. Malik, 2005
3. Handbook for NGOs : An Encyclopedia for Non-Government Organizations and Voluntary Agencies   Nabhi, 2005
4. NGO Development Initiative and Public Policy  Shivani Dharmarajan, 1998
5. NGOs and Child Labour  Dr. M.Lakshmi Narasaiah, 2004
6. NGOs and Development: The Indian Scenario  S.N. Pawar, 2004
7. NGOs and Socio-Economic Development Opportunities     Kamta Prasad, 2001
8. NGOs Prime Movers: Sectoral  Action for Social Development   Shivani Dharmarajan, 2001
9. Non-Governments: NGOs and the Political Development of the Third World    Julie Fisher, 2003
10. Non-Government Organisatins : Structure, Relevance and Function   Snehlata Chandra, 2001
11. Non-Governmental Organisation in Development : Theory and Practive   Noorjahan Bava, 1997
12. Project Proposal formulation : A-Reference Book-cum-Training Module   J.P.Malik, 2002
13. Resource Manula   J.P. Malik 2005
14. Resource Organizations for Health Sector  Yash Malik, 2005
15. Resource Organizations of Australia  Yash Malik, 2005
16. Role of NGOs in Devloping Countries: Potentials, Constraints and Policies  Ravi shankar Kumar singh, 2003
17. Role of NGOs in Development of Social System  Dr. O.P. Goel, 2004
18. Role of the NGOs in the Empowerment of the Disabled Santosh Kumar Panigrahi, 2004
19. Rural Development Through NGOs  A.K.Kapoor, 1997
20. Schemes of Central Government for NGOs: A Handbook of Financial Norms for Project Budgeting  Sudesh Kumar  2004
21. Strategic Management and Policy Issues of NGOs  O.P.Goel, 2004
22. Synopsis on Support Programs of Government & Voluntary Action   Sudesh Kumar, 2004
23. Taxation of Trusts & NGOs: With Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act &  FEMA  Manoj Fogla, 2004
24. The Art of Fundraising   J.P. Malik, 2005
25. Women’s Development and NGOs  Anuj Bhatia, 2000
26. Your Research Project   Nicholas Walliman, 2005
27. Administration and Management and NGOs: Text and  Case studies   Dr, S.L. Goel, 2004
28. AIDS and NGOs Dr. Digumarit Bhaskara Rao, 2000
29. Central Government Schemes for NGOs: Compendium of Application forms  Social Network India, 2004
30. Charities Note:- This book is exhaustive study of taxation of charitable institutions. The topics include safeguards in drafting the document, their registration, exemption to tax, benfits, special privileges for educational and medical institutions, Provisions related to TDS, cheque transaction, filling of returns all applicable to charitable institutions.  S. Rajaratnam, 2005
31. Dainet NGO Directory: A Directory of NGOs in India, 1998   
32. Development Organizations for 21st Century  J.P. Mlik, 2000
33. Development, NGOs and Civil Society   Deborah Eade, 2005
34. Formation & management of a Society   Nabhi, 2005
35. Formation & Management of a Trust alongwith Tax Planning  Nabhi 2005
36. Global Friends for Aids Control   J.P. Malik 2001
37. Global Funding Agencies for disaster Relief   J.P. Malik
38. Global Funding Agencies for Human Rights J.P. Malik